Genius Classes announced Genius Talent Search Exam-2019

GTSE (Genius Talent Search Exam) is a yearly competitive exam designed for School student’s (Class VII, VIII, IX and X students) by Acroatic Edu-Solutions P. Ltd. (AESPL). This exam aims at cultivating scientific and mathematical reasoning and logical ability among the students through a rigorous test. The Foundation primarily envisions the scientific curiosity and vigour in young students through competitive exams.

Objective of GTSE is to track the talented bunch of students from economically impoverished sections and hone their skills by providing a conducive environment.

Talent knows no boundaries. It is everywhere. All one needs is to support talent and nurture it to let it blossom. The students should not be handicapped by financial constraints of their families. If they have it in them, GTSE is there to guide them where they belong, but may not reach for want of resources. If talented students are spotted at the school-level, it can work wonders.

To achieve this goal, we are running two schemes for students who achieve the success in this exam. First one is YTPP (Young Talent Promotional Program), and second one is ETPP (Economically Weak Talent Promotional Program).


  1. YTPP (Young Talent Promotional Program): Awards, Scholarships and Cash prizes to the students for their excellence & guides them to select best career option in their life during & after school studies


  1. ETPP (Economically Weak Talent Promotional Program): Supports economically weak but talented students by providing free coaching and books for IIT / AIIMS / NEET / KVPY / Olympiad / NTSE.