Q. You don’t have a history for producing results. Isn't there a risk in joining your course?

Ans. There are three ingredients to a good result: intrinsic potential or capability of the student, willingness to work hard, and good teachers. Many reputed institutes conduct an entrance exam to identify and incentivize the best students to join them. We do not have the means or infrastructure to conduct elaborate selection exams. However, we believe that our course content compares favorably with the best.

Q. What about syllabus, Study Materials, language and other factors?

Ans. Top institutes make their material unnecessarily complex, often going beyond the needs of IIT JEE, to ensure that their best students (who are naturally gifted) are able to tackle any question. Unfortunately, what is suitable for the top 100 rankers, can be complex and demotivating for the majority. We have avoided this pitfall by keeping our material understandable to the normal 'above average' student. However the most gifted students, will also find our material intellectually satisfying.

Q. What is the difference between reading books on my own, and joining your coaching for IIT JEE?

Ans. For a given subject, many books are available. Each differs on what topics are covered and how they are covered - e.g. one book may not cover a topic; or it may cover a topic by stating the main points, without logically developing the subject matter; or it may explain the topic well, but lack good numerical problems. To study on your own for JEE Main and Advanced, you have to read multiple books on each subject, and then assimilate the relevant information from each one. This is a time consuming and daunting task for a Class 11/12 student.

Our comprehensive classroom program exactly addresses the above issue.

What is the Teaching Methodology followed at Genius Classes?

Ans. The institute has prepared lectures based on NCERT syllabus with Text Book coverage of Physics, Chemistry and Maths & Special Leactures of English & 5th subject both in class XI & XII. We have specifically developed Board sheets which provide theoretical inputs.

Daily Practice Sheets (DPPs) & Sheets containing graded exercises help students understand the concepts and practice application of the same.
Periodic Test: Part Tests PT (i.e. test of the portion covered between two consecutive tests) and Cumulative Test CT (i.e. tests of the syllabus covered till that date) are conducted alternate at a frequency of 4-Weeks each.

How shall we come to know about our ward's attendance & performance? 

Ans. We offer the mentioned services to keep the parents informed and updated about their ward's performance and attendance.
Student's Attendance in Regular Classes: We do take the attendance of students coming to the class on a daily basis. Any student whosoever is found absent in the class without any prior intimation or a sanctioned leave then a SMS will be sent on the parent's mobile number of that student intimating them about their wards absence.

NOTE: The result of the students is also communicated to the parents through SMS after every test and parents can also check the performance of their ward on the succeeding Monday of the test on our website under the Student's Corner section.

Q Does Genius Classes have any Scholarships for students?

Ans. The preliminary Eligibility Criteria to qualify for any of the scholarships being awarded under these programmes is that the student must have qualified in the either "Genius-25", "Genius Talent Search", or Admission-cum-Scholarship Test.

In case, if a student is eligible for two scholarships then he/ she can take the benefit of the best of the two.

Q. Does Genius Classes have its own Hostel?

Ans. Yes, We are currently running a hostel of 36 beds.

Q. What is the cost of living / charges for Boarding & Lodging for a student in Genius Classes?

Ans. First Month 10000 (5000(Establishment charge)+5000(Monthly Charge)), afterwards 5000/- per month for a student.